Check the validity of a VAT Number and receive a free PDF Print Out of the EU VAT VIES record of enquiry

Check an EU VAT Number

You should check the validity of the customer’s VAT registration number when zero-rating supplies to VAT registered customers in another Member State. Checks on the validity of a customer’s number should be made using the Europa website.

When making an enquiry on the Europa website you must identify yourself by entering your own VAT registration number and print out a record of the date and time that the enquiry was made and the result of the enquiry. If it later turns out that the customer’s number was invalid, you will be able to rely on the validation record as one element to demonstrate your good faith as a compliant business and to justify why you should not be held liable for any VAT fraud and revenue losses which occur.

*) Except from GOV UK VAT Notice 725: the single market

Valdit VAT Check makes the enquiry to the Europa VAT VIES service on your behalf. When making the enquiry, we create a free PDF print out of the results and send it to you by email:

You enter the VAT Number(s) for the enquiry

We'll run a quick check on the EU VAT VIES service

And tell you the results immediately

If you like to receive a PDF of the enquiry result, you provide your Company's VAT number and your Email address

We’ll make an official VAT VIES enquiry on your behalf

And send you a free PDF that you can keep for your records

This is free data validation service offered by Valdit. You’re allowed to use this services as much as needed for the purpose of handling zero rate supplies by your business.
We are offering this service as a showcase for our upcoming Valdit VAT Alert service. VAT Alert is a service for making automated enquiries to the EU VAT VIES system and maintain records of enquiry for you.
We need your VAT number to make the enquiry on your behalf. We are keeping record of your own VAT number and email address that you enter if you decide to receive a PDF print out of the enquiry we’ve made on your behalf. We will use this information to send you a notice when our VAT Alert service is launched.